Q. How do we get started on our timber frame home?
A. It’s as easy as contacting us directly at (905) 341-5768.


Q. What area do you build?
A. We service Niagara Peninsula, Toronto and the GTA.


Q. How much for a timber frame structure cost?
A. There are many variables that determine the final cost of a timber frame structure. The design of the structure is the largest factor. Simple designs are easier to build hence cheaper. Other large factors are access, foundation requirements, materials and size of timbers. The beauty of custom design is that a timber frame structure can be designed for a certain budget.


Q. Do you have design services?
A.  Yes, we can provide complete plans and design services starting with your rough sketch or conceptual idea.


Q. Do you provide engineering?
A.  Yes, most timber frame structures need to have an engineered stamp set of drawings and we provide that service.


Q. What design software do you use?
A. We use SEMA software – the industry leader in timber frame design software.


Q. Do you provide 3d images of your designs?
A. Yes, all our projects have 3D imaging with photo realistic images.


Q. Do you do any size project?
A. Yes, we can design and build any size timber frame project – nothing is too big or small.


Q, I am already working with an Architect on my design. Can you work with them?
A. We would like to team with your Architect (or designer) as soon as possible to clarify the unique requirements of a timber frame structure. Most designs can be adapted to suit timber framing, although this may result in some small adjustments to your design.


Q. What wood species do your offer?
A. We used Douglas Fir timbers for most of our project and Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar for others. We will try to accommodate requests for other species if possible.

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